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Are you utilizing a Calgary SEO company to get your local website on the map? If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you know that Calgary has stamped itself on the world stage for a wide variety of reasons. Using the services of a skilled search engine optimization company to leverage that when promoting your products and services online can greatly increase you profits and visibility . You want to go further than that however. These days, finding your customers isn’t just stuck to search engines and phone calls. Your customers are on social media networks all over the world now. Sites such as Yelp give them voice to leave reviews about you and your company. Customers expect to interact now more than ever, and those who want to stay up to date with what you’re doing, will sign up for your newsletter. You do have a newsletter right? You have a mailing list that you just informed and confirmed to stay in line with Canada’s new anti-spam legislation? If not, you are missing out on another way to retain visitors to your site!

Matt Cutts Discusses Duplicate Content and SEO:

Tip: (Over 25% of the webs content is dublicate content so adding duplicate content to your site on it’s own will not necessarily negatively impact your rankings. Best when adding duplicate is to add an introduction and a summary after the quoted or duplicate content. This is known as Authorship in web terms. Try to add about 30-50% new content to the duplicate and Google will not just treat it as duplicate.)

In addition, all the keyword optimization going into the content and imagery of your website should also be applied to your communications with your customer-base. Many newsletter systems out there such as mailchimp, constantcontact, aweber, and the Mailpoet plugin for WordPress self-hosted websites all have ways where people can view past newsletters. Some of these sites make you pay for that ability, others offer it for free. But if someone trips across your newsletter online, it should have the same care and attention to SEO as if it were part of your actual website.

If your Calgary SEO expert doesn’t extend it’s services to visitor retention and communication, you’ll want to contact Richard, Head SEO specialist over at Think Tank SEO. He is willing to meet with you face to face anywhere in the city. Don’t just get visitors to your site, keep them there, and keep them wanting more!

If you want more information about Think Tank SEO please call 403-540-6869.

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Calgary SEO Company | Professional Search Engine Optimization